The Value Of A Hacked Computer

Many people tend to think that hackers would not be interested in their computers simply because their computers are not used for very relevant tasks. That is the greatest disillusion you can have as far as computer security is concerned. In this article, we will discuss reasons why hackers will attempt to hack any computer they come across; and the need to protect your devices

It’s Usually A means To An End

The main reason hackers target personal computers (PCs) usually has ligtle to do with the computers themselves. Hackers often take advantage of hacked personal computers to hack even more computers. They can use the large processing power they obtain for other purposes such as DDOS ( Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Below are a few uses of a hacked computer

  1. As bots for decoding CAPTCHA
  2. As web servers to run illegal and malicious sites
  3. For botnets used in DDOS attacks
  4. For botnets used to crack security systems
  5. To sabotage servers of competitors
  6. To gain access to corporate servers (at your workplace)
  7. To infect other computers around you
  8. As proxy servers for hiding their activities


Never think hackers will never be interested in your computer simply because you don’t have much relevant information. We are all neighbours on the Internet, and you never know the extent your computer will be used to hurt you or your loved ones. Keep your devices safe

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